PDF _ RL30272 - Global Financial Turmoil, the IMF, and the New Financial Architecture
14-Apr-2000; Dick Nanto; 32 p.

Abstract: This report focuses on the global financial turmoil in 1997-2000 that spread from Thailand, through Southeast Asia, up the coast to South Korea, and eventually battered Russia, and hit Brazil and the policy issues it has raised. It briefly reviews the problem and examines a number of the major policy responses taken or being considered. The policy options under consideration include economic and regulatory policy, new financial architecture, and International Monetary Fund reforms. Other CRS products on this topic include: CRS Report RL30467. IMF and World Bank Activities in Russia and Asia: Some Conflicting Perspectives; CRS Report RL30467, the Asian Financial Crisis and U.S. Foreign Policy Interests; CRS Report RL30394, Russian Capital Flight, Economic Reforms, and U.S. Interests: an Analysis; CRS Report 98-987, and Brazil?s Economic Reform and the Global Financial Crisis. This report will be updated as circumstances warrant. [read report]

Topics: International, International Finance, Economics & Trade

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