HTML _ RS20909 - Trade Agreements: A Pro/Con Analysis of Including Core Labor Standards
11-May-2001; Gary Wells; 6 p.

Abstract: The 107th Congress is expected to consider extending fast-track trade implementing authority to the President.  Fast-track procedures provide for limited debate and no amendments to legislation that implements certain trade agreements.  A key area of debate will likely be whether to require resulting trade agreements to include core labor standards in the body of the agreement backed by enforcement procedures.  Since standards for protecting intellectual property rights (patents, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets, integrated circuit layout designs, geographical indications such as Champagne, and trademarks) are already included in the World Trade Organization (WTO), proponents argue that including standards that protect labor rights in trade agreements is a logical next step, while others believe that such a move could cause more harm than good.   This report explores arguments for and against inclusion of labor standards in trade agreements.  This report will not be updated. [read report]

Topics: Economics & Trade, International Finance

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