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Abstract: Federal agricultural and food policies are governed by several different laws, many of which are considered, revised, and renewed through an omnibus, multi-year ¨farm bill.¨ Many provisions of the last farm bill, the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996 (P.L. 104-127), expire in 2002, making reauthorization an issue for the 107th Congress.

The scope and content of a new farm bill are as yet undetermined, but likely issues are emerging. These issues are discussed in more detail in CRS Report RL30847(pdf), Agriculture: Previewing the 2002 Farm Bill.

Omnibus farm bills typically include titles on:

Farm income and price support programs;

Agricultural trade and foreign food aid;

Conservation and environment;

Domestic food assistance (notably food stamps);

Rural development;

Research and education; and

On occasion, miscellaneous provisions such as global warming, food safety, and animal health and welfare. [read report]

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