PDF _ RS21442 - Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle R&D: FreedomCAR and the President's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative
20-Mar-2008; Brent D. Yacobucci; 6 p.

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February 7, 2006 (/NLE/CRSreports/06feb/RS21442.pdf)


Abstract: FreedomCAR and the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative are two complementary government-industry research and development (R&D) policy initiatives that promote the development of hydrogen fuel and fuel cell vehicles. Coordinated by the Department of Energy (DOE), these initiatives aim to make mass-market fuel cell and hydrogen combustion vehicles available at an affordable cost within 10 to 15 years from the launch of the initiatives. However, questions have been raised about the design and goals of the initiatives. This report discusses the organization, funding, and goals of the FreedomCAR and Fuel partnerships, and issues for Congress.

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Topics: Energy, Transportation

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