PDF _ RS21544 - Wildfire Protection Funding
3-Apr-2006; Ross W. Gorte; 6 p.

Update: June 20, 2006

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Abstract: Recent severe fire seasons have prompted a significant rise in funding for wildfire protection; wildfire appropriations in FY2006 were more than $2.5 billion. Most of the funds ($2.4 billion in FY2006) are to protect federal lands, with funds for reducing fuel loads, for equipment and training, for fighting fires, and for restoring burned sites. Federal funding ($102 million in FY2006) also supports state efforts to protect nonfederal lands. Some wildfire funding ($69 million in FY2006) is used for fire research, fire facilities, and programs to improve forest health. Congress continues to debate wildfire funding levels, with a growing focus on the cost of wildfire suppression. This report will be updated annually to reflect changes in wildfire funding.

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Topics: Forests

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