PDF _ RL33117 - The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Biological Resources
22-Feb-2005; Prevaze A. Sheikh; 12 p.

Update: June 1, 2006

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Abstract: Winds, storm surge, and associated flooding from Hurricane Katrina had substantial impacts on the biological resources of the affected region. Some impacts caused by this hurricane included wetland and timber loss, and declines in fisheries and wildlife populations. This report discusses the reported and potential impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the biological resources in the affected region. Most of the impacts reported are anecdotal and estimated; some biological surveys have been completed and little quantitative information on the status of most biological resources is available. Several state and federal science agencies were initially involved in humanitarian efforts before investigating damage to biological resources. Currently, studies are underway to provide information on the short and long-term impacts of Katrina on biological resources. This report will summarize the known and estimated impacts of Hurricane Katrina on coastal ecosystems, forests, freshwater and marine bodies, fisheries, and wildlife. Questions for specifying the impacts on biological resources are listed and possible restoration activities are discussed. This report will be updated as events warrant.

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Topics: Biodiversity, Science & Technology

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