PDF _ RL33236 - Education-Related Hurricane Relief: Legislative Action
25-Jan-2007; Rebecca R. Skinner, Charmaine Mercernzi, Paul M. Irwin, David P. Smole,Richard N. Apling, and Jeffrey J. Kuenzi; 29 p.

Update: 08/29/2006

Abstract: This report provides an overview of the waivers that have been granted by the Department of Education in response to the Gulf Coast hurricanes; three public laws that have been enacted, specifically to provide financial relief to postsecondary students and institutions of higher education; and education-related hurricane relief provisions included in P.L. 109-148 and P.L. 109-234 and their implementation. The report concludes with a detailed analysis of how funds made available through P.L. 109-148 and P.L. 109-234 have been allocated to states.

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Topics: Legislative, Population

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