PDF _ RS22235 - Disaster Evacuation and Displacement Policy: Issues for Congress
17-Aug-2006; Keith Bea; 6 p.

Abstract: The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina reached beyond the borders of the states directly affected by the wind, rain, and floods. Before the storm reached the coast, thousands of residents of Louisiana and Mississippi evacuated to other states, including Texas and Oklahoma. As a result, President Bush issued emergency declarations for 36 states solely to help them meet the needs of evacuees. In general, evacuation policy is set and enforced by state and local officials. However, federal policy does provide for certain aspects of civilian emergency evacuation. Members of Congress may elect to reconsider federal policy options to more fully integrate federal and state authorities through legislation such as H.R. 3815, H.R. 4066, H.R. 4258, H.R. 5351, S. 1685, S. 1807, S. 2124, S. 2133, and S. 3721. This report will be updated.

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Topics: Legislative, Government, Population

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