PDF _ RL33286 - The Federal Railroad Administration’s Train Horn Rule
20-Apr-2007; David Randall Peterman; 21 p.

Abstract: Numerous communities across the United States imposed bans on the sounding of train whistles at highway-rail grade crossings beginning in the late 1970s to address complaints and concerns of nearby residents about noise from train whistles. In 1990, a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) study of train whistle bans in Florida showed a positive correlation between nighttime whistle bans and the number of accidents at highway-rail crossings. In 1994, partially in response to the FRA study, Congress enacted the Swift Rail Development Act (P.L. 103-440), which directed the FRA to issue a regulation on the sounding of train horns at grade-crossings.

Reducing the number of accidents and injuries at rail grade-crossings has been a federal concern for decades. Accidents at highway-rail grade-crossings are one of the leading causes of railroad-related deaths and injuries, accounting for nearly 40% of railroad-related deaths. In 2006, there were 365 grade-crossing fatalities.

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Topics: Transportation, Federal Agencies, Information

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