PDF _ 97-97 - National Environmental Education Act of 1990: Overview, Implementation, and Issues for Congress
24-Aug-2007; David M Bearden; 9 p.

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Abstract: The role of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in supporting environmental education has been an ongoing issue. For nearly two decades, EPA has been the primary federal agency responsible for assisting schools in improving the quality of environmental education. The National Environmental Education Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-619) established a program within EPA to award grants for educating elementary and secondary school students and training teachers in environmental subjects, to support fellowships for post-secondary students, and to fund other related activities. The Administration has proposed to eliminate this program each year since FY2003, but Congress has continued its funding. Although the President’s FY2008 budget request for EPA did not include any funding for the program, it did include $1 million for unspecified environmental education activities. Whether those activities would continue certain aspects of the existing program is unclear. As passed by the House, the FY2008 Interior appropriations bill (H.R. 2643, H.Rept. 110-187) would provide $9 million to continue the existing program, similar to past funding levels. The Senate Appropriations Committee recommended the same amount in reporting its version of the bill (S. 1696, S.Rept. 110-91). The reauthorization of the program also has been an issue, as the original funding authorization expired at the end of FY1996. Legislation to reauthorize EPA’s program has not been introduced in the 110th Congress, but two bills (H.R. 3036 and S. 1981) would authorize a new grant program in the Department of Education to expand the federal role in environmental education.

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Topics: Legislative, Government, General Interest

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