HTML _ 93-1062 - Air Quality: State Plans and Sanctions
23-Dec-1993; Susan Mayer; 6 p.

Abstract: The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 require EPA to impose sanctions against certain areas that fail to submit and implement adequate State Implementation Plans (SIPs) for meeting National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NMQS). The sanctions generally apply to States that fail to submit a SIP, when a SIP is inadequate, or when an approved SIP is not being implemented. Sanctions are not applied when an area fails to meet the air quality standards specified in the Act. Possible sanctions include a ban on approval of new highway projects and a loss of highway funding, as well as a requirement for 2 to 1 offsets of existing pollution before new construction projects may be approved. California may be the first State sanctioned by EPA for failure to submit an adequate SIP. Indiana and Illinois have also received notification from EPA that sanctions may be imposed. [read report]

Topics: Air

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