HTML _ 95-937 - Federal Agency Programs in Living Aquatic Resources and Aquatic Habitat Protection
15-Aug-1995; Eugene H. Buck; 102 p.

Abstract: This report identifies the activities of Federal executive agencies related to living aquatic (freshwater and marine) resources (including fisheries and marine mammals), and aquatic habitats. Information on programs for these resources was originally requested from various agencies in the fall of 1984, and a compilation of responses was issued in January 1985 as CRS Report No. 85-35 ENR. That material was updated with agency comments in the fall of 1986, and several additional agencies were included to produce a revised document (CRS Report No. 87-125 ENR). A second updating of this material was conducted in October-November 1988 and released as CRS Report No. 89-53 ENR. After several staff inquiries for more recent data, agencies were again contacted in the fall of 1994 and revised material was gathered for this document. All data recorded for agencies are concerned strictly with living aquatic resources and aquatic habitats. In some cases, agency data on budget, personnel, and other procedures prevented convenient separation of living aquatic resource and aquatic habitat elements from larger programs, so the level of detail is not comparable among agencies. The summary for each agency entry contains: a) a brief description of living aquatic resource and habitat responsibilities, b) citations of major statutory authority for these responsibilities, c) a ten-year history of budget and personnel levels for these activities (unless specifically noted, budget figures have not been adjusted for inflation), d) a five-year history of personnel by Civil Service grade, e) a list of any studies related to national policy or goals for living aquatic resources and aquatic habitats, f) a description of interagency and State-Federal coordination mechanisms for living aquatic resource and aquatic habitat activities, and g) a list of periodic or annual reports available related to living aquatic resource and aquatic habitat activities. [read report]

Topics: Wetlands

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