HTML _ 98-973 - Appalachian Development Highway Program(ADHP): An Overview
7-Dec-1998; Robert Kirk; 5 p.

Abstract: The Appalachian Development Highway Program (ADHP) is a road building program that is intended to break Appalachia's regional isolation and encourage Appalachian economic development. Administered by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), the ADHP is authorized to develop a network of 3,025 miles of corridor roads. At the end of 1997, 2,258 miles, comprising 75% of the approved corridor roads, were open to traffic. During the first 33 years of the ADHP's existence over $4.5 billion was appropriated from the Treasury's general funds for this road system. The annual appropriation levels fluctuated substantially over this period. The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA21) authorizes $450 million per year for the ADHP during FY1999 to FY2003 from the Highway Trust Fund. This provides stability of funding for the ADHP (1). The federal share of the estimated cost to complete the ADHP network at the end of FY 1997 was $6.2 billion. This report will not be updated. [read report]

Topics: Transportation

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