HTML _ RS20177 - Airport and Airway Trust Fund Issues in the 106th Congress
2-Nov-2000; John W. Fischer; 3 p.

Abstract: Congress concluded its debate on the airport and airway trust fund (aviation trust fund) by modifying its treatment in the budget. The Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century (AIR21 or FAIR21)(P.L. 106-181) contains a so called ¨guarantee¨ that uses House and Senate point-of-order rules to ensure that all aviation trust fund receipts (including interest) are spent for aviation purposes on an annual basis. This provision represents a compromise in what had become a contentious debate. When the legislation was first considered in the House in 1999 it contained two separate budget options for the trust fund. The first, taking the trust fund off-budget, was contained in the passed House version of the bill. The second option, which would have created a ¨firewall¨ around aviation programs, was dropped during later committee consideration. (1) Changing the budget treatment of the trust fund was opposed by the Clinton Administration and by some Members of the House and Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees. Reauthorization legislation passed by the Senate contained no budget treatment provisions. The budget treatment provisions in AIR21 were not challenged during the FY2001 appropriations process. This report will not be updated. The airport and airway trust fund was created by the revenue title of the Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970 (P.L. 91-258). The ¨aviation trust fund,¨ as it is also known, was established to provide funding for the federal commitment to the nation's aviation system. The scope of the programs funded by the aviation trust fund has been expanded over time. [read report]

Topics: Transportation, Air

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