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go directly to report, PDF _ R41195 - Actual Farm Bill Spending and Cost Estimates
20-Apr-2010; Jim Monke, Renée Johnson; 11 p.
Abstract: The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-246), enacted into law in June 2008, is the most recent omnibus farm bill and guides most federal farm and food policies. The 112th Congress likely will consider reauthorization of the 2008 farm bill, because much of the current law expires.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ RS22131 - What Is the “Farm Bill”?
6-May-2010; Renee Johnson; 10 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
September 18, 2008
October 5, 2008
June 2, 2006 (/NLE/CRSreports/05aug/RS22131.pdf(
March 22, 2006 (/NLE/CRSreports/06apr/RS22131.pdf)
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Abstract: The 2008 farm bill (P.L. 110-246, Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008) was enacted into law on June 18, 2008. It contains 15 titles covering support for commodity crops, horticulture and livestock, conservation, nutrition, trade and food aid, agricultural research, farm credit, rural devel.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ R40874 - Nitrous Oxide from Agricultural Sources: Potential Role in Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction and Ozone Recovery
3-May-2010; Kelsi Bracmort; 12 p.
Abstract: Gases other than carbon dioxide accounted for nearly 15% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2008, yet there has been minimal discussion of these other greenhouse gases in climate and energy legislative initiatives. Reducing emissions from non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases, such as nitrou.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Climate Change
go directly to report, PDF _ R40532 - Federal Crop Insurance: Background and Issues
28-May-2010; Dennis A. Shields; 20 p.
Abstract: The 111th Congress is considering the effectiveness and operations of the federal crop insurance program. The House Committee on Agriculture has been seeking input from farmers and others on the program in advance of the next farm bill debate. Meanwhile, concern about the federal budget deficit i.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture
go directly to report, PDF _ RL32948 - Air Quality Issues and Animal Agriculture: A Primer
21-May-2010; Claudia Copeland; 34 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
January 21, 2009
January 28, 2008
August 31, 2007
April 11, 2007
October 18, 2006
June 1, 2006
February 2, 2006
June 2005

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Abstract: From an environmental quality standpoint, much of the public and policy interest in animal agriculture has focused on impacts on water resources, because animal waste, if not properly managed, can harm water quality through surface runoff, direct discharges, spills, and leaching into soil and gro.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Agriculture, General

go directly to report, PDF _ RL34468 - The U.S. Trade Situation for Fruit and Vegetable Products
12-May-2010; Renée Johnson; 19 p.
Update: Previous releases:
December 15, 2009
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Abstract: Over the last decade, there has been a growing U.S. trade deficit in fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. Although U.S. fruit and vegetable exports totaled nearly $9 billion in 2007, U.S. imports of fruits and vegetables were more than $16 billion, resulting in a gap between imports and exp.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, International
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Topics: Agriculture, Agriculture
go directly to report, PDF _ R40994 - Agriculture and Forestry Provisions in Climate Legislation in the 111th Congress
23-Dec-2009; Renée Johnson; 31 p.
Abstract: In June 2009, the House passed H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. In September 2009, Senator Kerry introduced S. 1733, the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, which was referred to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. The committee completed mark.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Forests, Climate Change
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34198 - U.S. Food and Agricultural Imports: Safeguards and Selected Issues
16-Dec-2009; Geoffrey S. Becker ; 20 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
February 2, 2009
August 14, 2008
April 16, 2008
January 2, 2008
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Abstract: U.S. officials continue to assert that the U.S. food supply, including the portion provided through imports, is among the safest in the world. One challenge has been how to keep it safe in the face of rapidly rising imports, a result of globalization and consumer desire for a wider variety of foo.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Economics & Trade, Risk & Reform, Agriculture
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34042 - Provisions Supporting Ecosystem Services Markets in U.S. Farm Bill Legislation
15-Dec-2009; Renée Johnson; 13 p.
Update: Previous releases:
June 10, 2008
January 23, 2008
June 12, 2007
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Abstract: Environmental goods and services are the benefits society obtains from the environment and ecosystems, both natural and managed, such as water filtration, flood control, provision of habitat, carbon storage, and many others. Farmers’ participation in providing these types of goods and services be.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Economics & Trade, Natural Resources
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