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go directly to report, PDF _ RL34548 - Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships
23-Dec-2009; James E. McCarthy; 21 p.
Update: Previous Editions:
February 24, 2009
August 9, 2008
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Abstract: This report provides information regarding pollution from ships and port facilities; discusses some of the measures being implemented and considered by local, state, and federal regulatory agencies; discusses the efforts to strengthen Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Pollution, Air, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ R40984 - Legal Consequences of EPA’s Endangerment Finding for New Motor Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions
15-Dec-2009; Robert Meltz; 24 p.
Abstract: On December 15, 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took its most important action to date related to climate change. EPA published its final determination that the combined greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new motor vehicles in the United States contribute to an “endangerment” fro.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Transportation
go directly to report, PDF _ R40585 - Climate Change: Potential Regulation of Stationary Greenhouse Gas Sources Under the Clean Air Act
10-Dec-2009; Larry Parker, James McCarthy; 33 p.
Abstract: Although new legislation to address greenhouse gases is a leading priority of the President and many members of Congress, the ability to limit these emissions already exists under Clean Air Act authorities that Congress has enacted – a point underlined by the Supreme Court in an April 2007 decisi.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Climate Change, Air
go directly to report, PDF _ R40643 - Greenhouse Gas Legislation: Summary and Analysis of H.R. 2454 as Reported by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce
17-Jun-2009; Mark Holt, Gene Whitney; 115 p.
Abstract: H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, was introduced May 15, 2009, by Representatives Waxman and Markey, and was subsequently modified (both technical and substantive changes) and ordered reported by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on May 21, 2009. The bill was.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Legislative, Energy
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34099 - California's Waiver Request to Control Greenhouse Gases Under the Clean Air Act
10-Feb-2009; James E. McCarthy and Robert Meltz; 17 p.
Update: Previous releases:
March 4, 2009
October 1, 2007
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Abstract: California has adopted regulations requiring new motor vehicles to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), beginning in model year 2009. The Clean Air Act (CAA) generally preempts states from adopting their own emission standards for mobile sources. However, the act allows such standards in .... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Climate Change, Air, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34436 - The Role of Offsets in a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap-and-Trade Program: Potential Benefits and Concerns
22-Sep-2008; Jonathan L. Ramseur; 32 p.
Update: Previous Editions:
September 22, 2008
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Abstract: If Congress establishes a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction program (e.g., cap-and-trade system), the treatment of GHG emission offsets would likely be a critical design element. If allowed as part of an emissions program, offsets could provide cost savings and other benefits. However, off.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Energy, Economics & Trade
go directly to report, PDF _ RL32947 - Air Quality Issues and Animal Agriculture: EPA's Air Compliance Agreement
21-Jan-2009; Claudia Copeland; 15 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
September 30, 2008
August 31, 2007
July 18, 2007
/NLE/CRSreports/07Jul/RL32947.pdf September 11, 2007
April 11, 2007
October 11, 2006
June 1, 2006
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Abstract: From an environmental quality standpoint, much of the interest in animal agriculture has focused on impacts on water resources, because animal waste, if not properly managed, can harm water quality through surface runoff, direct discharges, spills, and leaching into soil and groundwater. A more r.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Agriculture, Federal Agencies
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34479 - Revising the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for Lead
24-Oct-2008; James E. McCarthy; 19 p.
Update: Previous editions:
July 28, 2008
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Abstract: The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under a court order to review the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for lead, proposed to revise the standard on May 1, 2008, reducing it from 1.5 micrograms per cubic meter (?g/m3) to within the range of 0.10 to 0.30 ?g/m3..... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Federal Agencies
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33413 - Automobile and Light Truck Fuel Economy: The CAFE Standards
7-May-2008; Brent D. Yacobucci and Robert Bamberger; 18 p.
Update: Previous releases:
December 3, 2007
August 16, 2007
June 1, 2007
January 19, 2007
December 12, 2006
July 28, 2006
May 09, 2006

On April 6, 2006, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administ.... [expand]  [read report]
Abstract: High crude oil and gasoline prices and wider concerns over greenhouse gas emissions and climate change have contributed to interest in reducing fossil fuel consumption. This has renewed focus on U.S. gasoline consumption in the transportation sector and federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAF.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Transportation, Pollution, Air

go directly to report, PDF _ RL33776 - Clean Air Issues in the 110th Congress:Climate Change, Air Quality Standards, and Oversight
28-Jul-2008; James E. McCarthy; 36 p.
Update: Previous releases:
June 3, 2008
March 7,2008
October 19, 2007
July 12, 2007
April 4, 2007
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Abstract: Attention to environmental issues in the 110th Congress focused early and heavily on climate change — the state of the science, and whether (and, if so, how) to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Fourteen bills had been introduced to establish GHG emission caps as of April 2008, and hearings.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Climate Change, Legislative
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