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go directly to report, PDF _ RL33990 - Federal Funding for Wildfire Control and Management
22-Apr-2010; Ross W. Gorte ; 27 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
October 17, 2008
April 48, 2008
June 4, 2007
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Abstract: The Forest Service (FS) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) are responsible for protecting most federal lands from wildfires. Wildfire appropriations nearly doubled in FY2001, following a severe fire season in the summer of 2000, and have remained at substantially higher levels. The acres bu.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Government, General, Information
go directly to report, PDF _ RL32948 - Air Quality Issues and Animal Agriculture: A Primer
21-May-2010; Claudia Copeland; 34 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
January 21, 2009
January 28, 2008
August 31, 2007
April 11, 2007
October 18, 2006
June 1, 2006
February 2, 2006
June 2005

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Abstract: From an environmental quality standpoint, much of the public and policy interest in animal agriculture has focused on impacts on water resources, because animal waste, if not properly managed, can harm water quality through surface runoff, direct discharges, spills, and leaching into soil and gro.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Air, Agriculture, General

go directly to report, PDF _ RL31149 - Snowmobiles: Environmental Standards and Access to National Parks
2-Oct-2008; James E. McCarthy; 18 p.
Update: Previous releases:
December 5, 2007
April 13, 2005
December 9, 2004
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Abstract: The use of snowmobiles in national parks has been controversial because of the potential impacts on wildlife and the absence of standards for their emissions and noise. This report focuses on the emissions and noise issues. In November 2006, the National Park Service released a new draft of a final.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Public Lands, Legislative, General
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34539 - The U.S. Science and Technology Workforce
3-Mar-2009; Deborah D. Stine and Christine M. Matthews; 15 p.
Update: Previous Editions:
June 20, 2008
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Abstract: In the 21st century, global competition and rapid advances in science and technology will challenge the scientific and technical proficiency of the U.S. workforce. The 110th Congress is currently discussing policy actions that could enhance the nation’s science and technology (S&T) workforce — de.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Science & Technology, General
go directly to report, PDF _ RS22900 - International Food Aid Provisions of the 2008 Farm Bill
10-Jul-2008; Charles E. Hanrahan; 6 p.
Update: Previous Editions:
July 10, 2008
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Abstract: Provision of U.S. agricultural commodities for emergency relief and economic development is the United States’ major response to food security problems in developing countries. Title III in the omnibus farm bill enacted in June 2008, the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-246, H.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Legislative, General
go directly to report, PDF _ 94-731 - Brief Summaries of Federal Animal Protection Statutes
15-Aug-2008; Henry Cohen; 34 p.
Update: Updates:
November 6, 2007
February 27, 2007
October 16, 2006
Previous releases:
February 10, 2006
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Abstract: This report contains brief summaries of federal animal protection statutes, listed alphabetically. It does not include treaties, although it does include statutes enacted to implement treaties. It includes statutes concerning animals that are not entirely, or not at all, animal protection st.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Government, General, Information
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33226 - Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Legislation for Disaster Assistance: Summary Data FY1989 to FY2007
14-Aug-2008; Justin Murray and Bruce R. Lindsay; 17 p.
Update: Previous releases:
March 8, 2007
July 10, 2006

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Abstract: This report provides summary information on emergency supplemental appropriations enacted after major disasters since 1989. More recently, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast of the United States on August 29, 2005, as a Category 3 hurricane after passing over South Florida as a Cat.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Economics & Trade, Government, General

go directly to report, PDF _ RL34478 - Rising Food Prices and Global Food Needs: The U.S. Response
8-May-2008; Charles E. Hanrahan; 22 p.
Abstract: Rising food prices are having impacts across the world, but especially among poor people in low-income developing countries. Since 2000, a year of low food prices, wheat prices in international markets have more than tripled, corn prices have doubled, and rice prices rose to unprecedented levels in .... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: General, International
go directly to report, PDF _ RS22869 - Bisphenol A (BPA) in Plastics and Possible Human Health Effects
8-Sep-2008; Linda-Jo Schierow and Sarah A. Lister; 6 p.
Abstract: Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to produce certain types of plastic. Containers made of these plastics may expose people to small amounts of BPA in food and water. Some animal experiments have found that fetal and infant development may be harmed by small amounts of BPA, but scientists disagree about t.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: General, General Interest
go directly to report, PDF _ crr-0908 - Congressional Research Report
1-Sep-2008; 82 p.
Abstract: This monthly newsletter contains descriptions of research performed by the U.S. Congress’ Congressional Research Service (CRS) during the past month.

Descriptions are arranged alphabetically by broad topics ranging from “Abortion” to “Women’s Issues.” Following each description is an order n.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: General Interest, Legislative, General

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