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go directly to report, PDF _ RL30647 - National Forest System Roadless Areas Initiatives
3-Feb-2009; Kristina Alexander and Ross W. Gorte; 21 p.
Update: September 7, 2006

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Abstract: The roadless areas of the National Forest System have received special management attention for decades. In part to recognize the importance of national forest roadless areas for many purposes and in part because making project decisions involving roadless areas on a forest-by-forest basis was resul.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Risk & Reform, Public Lands

go directly to report, PDF _ RL34517 - Wildfire Damages to Homes and Resources: Understanding Causes and Reducing Losses
2-Jun-2008; Ross W. Gorte; 30 p.
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June 2, 2008
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Abstract: Wildfires are getting more severe, with more acres and houses burned and more people at risk. This results from excess biomass in the forests, due to past logging and grazing and a century of fire suppression, combined with an expanding wildlandurban interface — more people and houses in and near.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Natural Resources
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33917 - Forestry in the 2007 Farm Bill
23-Jun-2008; Ross W. Gorte; 20 p.
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January 25, 2008
August 20, 2007
March 14, 2007
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Abstract: The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (the 2008 farm bill) became law (P.L. 110-246) when the House and Senate voted to override President Bush’s veto on June 18, 2008. The conference agreement on the bill (H.R. 2419) had been enacted, vetoed by the President, and overridden (P.L. 110-23.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Legislative, Agriculture
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33932 - Illegal Logging: Background and Issues
9-Jun-2008; Pervaze A. Sheikh; 15 p.
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March 19, 2007
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Abstract: Illegal logging is a pervasive problem throughout the world, affecting countries that produce, export, and import wood and wood products. Illegal logging is generally defined as the harvest, transport, purchase, or sale of timber in violation of national laws. In some timber-producing countries i.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Natural Resources, Information
go directly to report, PDF _ RL31065 - Forestry Assistance Programs
24-Aug-2008; Ross W. Gorte; 27 p.
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August 10, 2004
November 18, 2004
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Abstract: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has numerous programs to support management of state and private forests. These programs are under the jurisdiction of the Agriculture Committees and are often examined in the periodic legislation to reauthorize agricultural programs, commonly known as fa.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Federal Agencies
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34634 - Climate Change and International Deforestation: Legislative Analysis
22-Aug-2008; Pervaze A. Sheikh, Ross W. Gorte, Jessica Sidener; 10 p.
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August 22, 2008
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Abstract: Deforestation accounts for nearly 20% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Deforestation results in carbon emissions when trees and underlying vegetation are burning or decomposing. Deforested areas that are later cultivated also release carbon to the atmosphere when soil carbo.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Legislative, International
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33484 - National Park Management
15-Aug-2008; Carol Hardy Vincent, Coordinator, Ross W. Gorte, and Sandra L. Johnson; 18 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
February 21, 2008
August 8, 2007
September 25, 2006


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Abstract: The 110th Congress is considering legislation and conducting oversight on National Park Service (NPS) related topics. The Administration is addressing park issues through budgetary, regulatory, and other actions. This report focuses on several key topics.

Centennial Initiative. President Bush.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Government, Forests, Information

go directly to report _ RS22806 - The Bali Agreements and Forest
13-Feb-2008; Ross W. Gorte and Pervaze A. Sheikh; 6 p.
Abstract: Climate change and its drivers are receiving increasing global attention. Negotiations in the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia, in December 2007 led to an action plan and decision on slowing the rate of deforestation to reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse ga.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: International, Forests, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ RL31432 - Carbon Sequestration in Forests
29-Mar-2007; Ross W. Gorte; 28 p.
Abstract: Widespread concern about global climate change has led to agreements to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and, under certain circumstances, to count additional carbon absorbed in soils and vegetation as part of the emissions reductions. Congress may consider options to increase the carbon .... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Climate Change, Forests, Information
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33752 - Softwood Lumber Imports from Canada: Issues and Events
15-Dec-2006; Ross W. Gorte, Jeanne J. Grimmett; 38 p.
Abstract: U.S. lumber producers have long raised concerns about softwood imports from Canada. They argue that Canada subsidizes its lumber producers with low provincial stumpage fees (for the right to harvest trees). In Canada, the provinces own 90% of the timberlands, which contrasts with the United State.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Forests, Natural Resources, Economics & Trade
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