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go directly to report, PDF _ RL34059 - The Carbon Cycle: Implications for Climate Change and Congress
18-Feb-2009; Peter Folger; 13 p.
Update: Previous releases:
June 25, 2007
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Abstract: Carbon is stored in the atmosphere, in the oceans, in vegetation, and in soils on the land surface. Huge quantities of carbon are actively exchanged between the atmosphere and the other storage pools of carbon. The exchange, or flux, of carbon between the atmosphere, oceans, and land surface is ca.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Climate Change, Government, Information
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33347 - Pipeline Safety and Security: Federal Programs
17-Feb-2009; Paul W. Parfomak; 21 p.
Update: Previous editions:
February 29, 2008
February 26, 2007
October 11, 2006

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Abstract: Nearly half a million miles of oil and gas transmission pipeline crisscross the United States. While an efficient and fundamentally safe means of transport, many pipelines carry hazardous materials with the potential to cause public injury and environmental damage. The nation’s pipeline networks .... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Natural Resources, Science & Technology, Government

go directly to report, PDF _ RS22908 - Livestock Feed Costs: Concerns and Options
17-Sep-2008; Geoffrey S. Baker; 6 p.
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September 17, 2008.... [expand]  [read report]
Abstract: Livestock producers in 2008 have seen sharply higher feed costs, fueled by competing use demands for corn and soybeans and by higher energy prices. Some analysts argue that current public policies, including financial incentives that divert corn from feed uses into ethanol production, exacerbated.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Economics & Trade, Government
go directly to report _ RL34650 - Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for Disaster Response, Recovery, and Mitigation Projects
8-Sep-2008; Linda Luther; 16 p.
Abstract: In the aftermath of a major disaster, communities may need to rebuild, replace, or possibly even relocate a multitude of structures. When recovery activities take place on such a potentially large scale, compliance with any of a number of local, state, and federal laws or regulations may apply. F.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Legislative, Government
go directly to report, PDF _ 97-97 - National Environmental Education Act of 1990: Overview, Implementation, and Issues for Congress
24-Aug-2007; David M Bearden; 9 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
August 24, 2007
May 7, 2007
March 19, 2007
December 11, 2006
July 11, 2006
July 24, 2006

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Abstract: The role of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in supporting environmental education has been an ongoing issue. For nearly two decades, EPA has been the primary federal agency responsible for assisting schools in improving the quality of environmental education. The National Environmental .... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Legislative, Government, General Interest
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34118 - Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA): Implementation and New Challenges
25-Feb-2009; Linda-Jo Schierow; 38 p.
Update: Previous releases:
September 18, 2008
August 3, 2007
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Abstract: Title I of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)of 1976 has never been amended, but recent legal, scientific, and technological changes are prompting some policy makers to reexamine the law. TSCA regulates potential risks of industrial chemicals in U.S. commerce, based on three policies: (1) Ch.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Government, General Interest
go directly to report, PDF _ RL34126 - Rural Development Provisions of the 2008 Farm Bill
16-Jan-2009; Tadlock Cowan; 23 p.
Update: Previous releases:
September 18, 2008
January 3, 2008
August 10, 2007
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Abstract: Congress has expressed its concern with rural communities most directly through periodic omnibus farm bill legislation, most recently in the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (P.L. 110-246). Congress uses periodic farm bills to address emerging rural issues as well as to reauthorize and/.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Agriculture, Government, Population
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33831 - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Legislation in the 110th Congress
29-Sep-2008; Fred Sissine, Lynn J. Cunningham, and Mark Gurevitz; 184 p.
Update: Previous releases:
September 29, 2008
June 13, 2008
February 8, 2008
October 5, 2007
June 1, 2007
May 1, 2007 (Updated on June 1, 2007)
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Abstract: This report reviews the status of energy efficiency and renewable energy legislation introduced during the 110th Congress. Most action in the second session is focused on the FY2009 budget request and legislation that would extend or modify selected renewable energy and energy efficiency tax ince.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Energy, Government, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33800 - Water Quality Issues in the 110th Congress: Oversight and Implementation
25-Nov-2008; Claudia Copeland; 29 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
January 23, 2008
October 2, 2007
May 8, 2007
May 1, 2007
March 15, 2007
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Abstract: Although much progress has been made in achieving the ambitious goals that Congress established 35 years ago in the Clean Water Act (CWA) to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the nation’s waters, longstanding problems persist, and new problems have emerged. .... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Water, Government, Legislative
go directly to report, PDF _ RL33779 - The Endangered Species Act (ESA) in the110th Congress: Conflicting Values and Difficult Choices
12-Jan-2009; Eugene H. Buck and M. Lynne Corn, Pervaze A. Sheikh, Robert Meltz and Kristina Alexander; 26 p.
Update: Previous Releases:
October 8, 2008
June 3, 2007 November 1, 2007
October 10, 2007
July 27, 2007: (
June 2, 2007
April 9, 2007
May 2, 2007
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Abstract: The 110th Congress took limited action to oversee implementation and funding of the Endangered Species Act (ESA; P.L. 93-205, 16 U.S.C. §§ 1531-1543) and to consider proposals to amend the act. Major issues in recent years have included the role of science in decision-making, consultation require.... [expand]  [read report]
Topics: Biodiversity, Government, Legislative
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