HTML _ RL30123 - Harmful Non-Native Species: Issues for Congress
8-Apr-1999; M. Lynne Corn, Eugene H. Buck, Jean Rawson, Eric Fischer; 50 p.

Abstract: Whose responsibility is it to ensure the economic and ecological integrity of the nation in response to multi-billion dollar threats posed by harmful nonnative species? As the speed and level of trade and travel increase, the chance of introducing unwelcome species such as zebra mussels, melaleuca, fire ants, or Formosan termites increases, but federal activities in this area remain unfocused. The specific issue before Congress is whether new legislative authorities are needed to address issues of non-native species and their increasing economic and ecological impacts. This report highlights the choice between single species approaches and pathway approaches for prevention, and between prevention vs. control. It describes existing federal laws and federal agency roles, and outlines effects, costs, and issues surrounding 31 selected harmful non-native species. [read report]

Topics: Biodiversity, Marine, Forests

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