Global Climate Change Briefing Book
Congressional Research Service
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CRS Report RL30452. Climate Change Technology Initiative (CCTI): Research, Technology, and Related Programs. [html: 1/22/01] [pdf: 1/22/01]

CRS Issue Brief IB10020. Energy Efficiency: Budget, Climate Change, and Electricity Restructuring Issues [pdf: 7/27/01] [html: 3/14/01]

CRS Issue Brief IB89005. Global Climate Change [pdf: 8/13/01] [html: 4/11/01]

CRS Report 98-431. Global Climate Change: A Concise History of Negotiations and Chronology of Major Activities Preceding the 1992 U.N. Framework Convention. [5/5/98]

CRS Report 96-699. Global Climate Change: Adequacy of Commitments under the U.N. Framework Convention and the Berlin Mandate. [10/25/96]

CRS Report RL30036. Global Climate Change: Carbon Emissions and End-use Energy Demand. [html: 1/20/99] [pdf: 1/20/99]

CRS Report 98-664. Global Climate Change: Congressional Concern About "Back Door" Implementation of the 1997 U.N. Kyoto Protocol. [2/3/99]

CRS Report RL30285. Global Climate Change: Lowering Cost Estimates through Emissions Trading -- Some Dynamics and Pitfalls [8/20/99]

CRS Issue Brief IB97057. Global Climate Change: Market-Based Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases.[pdf: 8/20/01] [html: 4/4/01]

CRS Report 98-235. Global Climate Change: Reducing Greenhouse Gases: How Much from What Baseline? [pdf: 1/29/01] [html: 3/11/98]

CRS Report 98-349. Global Climate Change: Selected Legal Questions About the Kyoto Protocol. [pdf: 3/29/01] [html: 1/10/01]

CRS Report 98-193. Global Climate Change: The Energy Tax Incentives in the President's FY2000 Budget. [2/4/99]

CRS Report 97-1015. Global Climate Change: The Role of U.S. Foreign Assistance. [11/21/97]

CRS Report 98-738. Global Climate Change: Three Policy Perspectives. [8/31/98]

CRS Report RL30155. Global Climate Change Policy: Domestic Early Action Credits. [7/23/99]

CRS Report RL30024. Global Climate Change Policy: From "No Regrets" to S.Res. 98. [1/12/99]

CRS Report RL30692. Global Climate Change Treaty.  [pdf:8/13/01 ] [html: 4/11/01]

CRS Report 97-1017. Industrial Energy Intensiveness and Energy Costs in the Context of Climate Change Policy. [html: 11/21/97] [pdf: 11/21/97]

CRS Issue Brief IB10041. Renewable Energy: Tax Credit, Budget, and Electricity Restructuring Issues.[pdf: 7/27/01]  [html: 3/9/01]

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